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How to Date a Scripto Vu-Lighter v1.05
2017 by Andrew G. Rowe

The New 2017 Version has Arrived!

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  No where in the world has there been such a book on how to verify the authenticity and date of production of the Scripto Vu-Lighter, UNTIL NOW! Since it's first release in Oct 2010, "How to Date a Scripto Vu-Lighter" has embarked on changing the face of the Scripto Vu-Lighter collecting hobby. This current version, fifth in the series is the most complete ever! Combination component lighters, not original can be identified.

Proof positive can now be verified as to the age of a Scripto Vu!
As the news gains momentum
The value of the lighters in your collection will be changing.
The truth can not be suppressed. Thru a study of hinge styles, stamps, inserts, tans styles, etc... a positive identification of its production date is possile. A Quick Reference Table in the eBook which can be printed out makes dating your Scripto fairly easy in most cases.

How much is your Scripto really worth now? If nothing else new excitement is now at hand within this hobby. Collectors everywhere will be scrambling thru their Scripto's to spot and look for the
can be identified with the information in this version. The change in the patent number stamping on the bottom from Atlanta to USA and Canada numbers rendered a distinct combination! Pictures and details of these RARE lighters in this volume.You can wait for the knowledge to trickle down to you if you want, or you get a jump on finding these RARE lighters before the masses.
The Scripto Collector Hobby is now recharged!

We now have a proven system to date the production of Scritpo Lighters as follows.

Jun 25, 1977 Palm Beach Post -Scripto Inc. has decided to stop the cigarette lighters it has been making for 22 years and to concentrate instead on more profitable writing instruments. A Scripto with 1979 insert has been spotted however.

 The main purpose of this ebook is to inspire the collecting hobby of the Scripto Vu-Lighter. I implore you to help keep this hobby clear of dishonest practices. Counterfeiting can be subdued with knowledge. Please tell your fellow Scripto enthusiasts about this eBook. If you have suspicions of a lighter not being genuine, feel free to ask of my opinion.

 The Scripto Vu-Lighter holds firm as one of the most interesting portable fire-makers that any caveman would have given his rights of first-born to own. Upon seeing the spark he would have gasped for his breath as he dropped it in fear. Upon gaining the courage to flick at it again with a stick maybe, then getting an understanding of what he possessed he would have bowed before the heavens every time he used it. He had to bend down to start the fire anyway right? Hehe. Yeppers, had the caveman been given one of these by some alien angel, mankind would have been jump started so far into the future that we would now be rocketing into the forth dimension on a regular basis (carrying a Scripto Vu-Lighter of course Hahaha).

Long Live the Scripto Vu-Lighter!

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