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How to Repair Scripto Vu-Lighters
2011 by Andrew G. Rowe
Hurray! The 2011 Version 1.05 is Here!
Now 50 Pages!
A Quick and Simple eBook to show you how to Fully Dismantle and Restore a Scripto Vu-Lighter.
Only $14.95 USD
CD Available for $3.00 USD
Buy, Repair, and Resell Scripto Vu-Lighters!
  • Full Patent diagrams to printout and frame
  • Install Custom Inserts into the fuel tank
  • 50 pages! with illustrated directions.
  • Over 50 photos accompany the steps.
  • Schematic break-down drawings
  • Printable Antique Scripto ads
  • Replacing the Fuel Release seals
  • Repairing the Flint Assembly
  • Replacing the Wick
  • Repair the Lid Pins
  • Repair the Tank holes
  • Repair burned Color Bands
  • Replace the Filler Screws
  • Links to Scripto related web sites
  • CD Copies available.
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Customer Comments:

Immediately Download the eBook with Paypal:

1. Click the Buy Now Button (Wait ...read 2)
2. After payment, while still at the Paypal page click "Return to Hawke's Trading Post"
You are then taken to the Download Page.

Alternitive options
A: From Paypal, send the $14.95 to hawke@thehawkeco.com and I will manually send the eBook to you.
B: Send an email to hawke@thehawkeco.com requesting a Paypal Invoice for the eBook or for further help.

Long Live the Scripto Vu-Lighter!

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